...Measures to protect against the spread of COVID-19...

Dear friends

we would like to inform you, that "Polymnia Apartments"

have received the certification “Health First” from the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

This means that we have in place specific protocols and procedure for COVID-19 virus.

Polymnia Apartments Covid.jpg

As we welcome back more guests, we would like to introduce you to some of the measures we are taking to safeguard your health, safety and wellbeing at our properties.

[Α] Arrival & Departure :

  1. Guests have the option to check in online prior to arrival and check out online before they depart.

  2. Everyone arriving at our properties has their temperature checked

[Β] Guest Rooms :

  1. Rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every stay.

  2. Every room contains a personal hygiene kit with mask and hand sanitiser for each guest.

  3. Each apartment will be closed the day before and day after each reservation, so that the rooms are thoroughly cleaned and ventilated.


[C] Preparing, cleaning and disinfecting rooms :

  1. Preparing, cleaning and disinfecting rooms.

  2. Cleaning of all the surfaces that are frequently touched by visitors, such as knobs, switches, keys, etc. with high-level disinfectant cleaners.

  3. Cleaning of fabric surfaces (such as furniture upholstery, mattresses, curtains etc.) using a steam appliance (temperature > 70°).

  4. Installing a disposable cover on the TV and air conditioner controls.


[D] For our customers :

  1. Everyone arriving at our properties has their temperature checked.

  2. For reasons of public health, details of all the people who stayed at the apartments will be kept on a record book.

  3. The use of a mask and gloves is recommended in any case and avoidance of close contact (distance 1-2 meters).

  4. Contact information for health providers, clinics and pharmacies on the island will be available.

Sharing of the Greek Government website with information on COVID-19 infection and measures concerning those visiting Greece :